Barth René Riesling
  • Country: France
  • Reference Number: 120613060115
  • Year: 2013/2015
  • Type: White Wine
  • Style: Dry
  • Grape Varlety: Riesling
  • Volume: 750ml
  • Packagings: 6 Bottle/Box
  • Producer: Domaine Michel Fonné
  • Area: Alsace
  • Alcohol: 11.50%
  • Recommendation:
  • Body: Light body
  • Serving Temperature:
  • Web:
The Michel Fonne vineyards account for a total of 15 hectares and are plantedwith all of the seven Alsatian wine grape varietals. In 1989 Michel returned in Alsace, after an apprenticeship in California, to assume management of the Barth René vineyards and winery from his retiring uncle, René Barth. More than 80% of the production are exported all over the world.
Tasting notes:
The bouquet is elegant and racy, with delicate fruity aromas, flowers and mineral notes. As it evolves, this Riesling will develop mineral aromas (gun powder, flint, gasoline, etc.). The Riesling is dry, distinguished, delicately grapey.
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